Could Not Connect to Server to Verify Registration

Error Troubleshooting

If you are receiving an error message when opening the software that says “Could Not Connect to Server to Verify Registration” or “Unable to check the program key”, it means that our software is being blocked from accessing the internet.

If you have been using our software in the past and this has just started happening, It is likely that some settings and/or software on your computer has been changed that is blocking our program from function.

There are many different things that can block an internet connection to our software.  Here is where I would suggest starting.


You will want to add an exception for our software to your firewall software.  Most people have the default Windows Firewall installed on their computers.  Some people have it and other firewalls installed.  You will need to add an exception for our product to any/all of your firewalls.

For the Windows Firewall the instructions vary based on your operating system.  The general directions are as follows:

  • Select Start
  • Select Control Panel
  • Select System and Security
  • Select Windows Firewall
  • Select "Allow a program through Windows Firewall"
  • Find our product in the list, if it is not in the list you can add it by browsing to our program.
    HammerTap is usually located in:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Hammertap\HammerTap3
  • Select the options to allow our software to communicate on the network, internet, etc.  They differ based on your operating system.  You basically want to give it full access.

If adding an exception to the Firewalls on your computer doesn't resolve the problem, the next step is to see if you have an Internet Security software installed on your computer, and add an exception for our software.

If adding exceptions for the Firewalls and the Internet Security software on your computer doesn't resolve the issue.  The next step is to reinstall the program. You can find reinstall instructions at:

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