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To enroll in the course for $99, call our technical support team at 877-512-0082, or:

  1. Fill out the form below, using the same name and email address you used to create your HammerTap account.

    Important: Please make sure you include your phone number so customer support can call you to ensure we are billing the correct account.

  2. Since you are already a HammerTap client, we will automatically bill you for $99.
  3. Once you are enrolled, we will set up your course for you and give you a call to help you get started. 

Whether you call us or we call you, you will not be asked to give financial information over the phone.

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Terms and Conditions

By purchasing access to a course, you are agreeing to adhere to and abide by the following terms and conditions. Failure to do so will result in termination of your access to the course or courses you’ve enrolled in and no refund will be given in such cases.

  1. You agree to pay the one-time fee associated with the course.
  2. You agree and accept that the course content and design are propriety, copyrighted, and protected under International Copyright Laws and the copyright laws of the United States of America. All software, programming code, text, graphics, design elements, audio, music and all other materials originated or referenced in connection with the course are copyrighted by Magniphy, LLC. You may not reproduce, upload, post, transmit, download or distribute any part of these materials, other than printing out or downloading small portions of the text and images for your own personal, non-commercial use.
  3. You agree and accept that access to the course is granted and licensed to the purchaser of this license only. This license may not be sold, transferred or shared with another party or person. Course access is granted on an individual basis only, as individual course access fees are paid.
  4. You agree that all communications with Magniphy, LLC will be conducted in a professional and positive manner, and that they shall be free from profanity, inappropriate materials, or other generally objectionable content. All communications tools within the course may be used in accordance with these terms. Unacceptable content will be removed from the course site.
  5. You agree and accept access to the course content “as is” with no warranty. The course materials have been prepared by knowledgeable professionals; however, no warranty is made that the content will meet your requirements, will be accurate, or error free. We expressly exclude and disclaim all express or implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We shall not be responsible for any damage or loss of any kind arising out of or related to your use of the course materials, including without limitation data loss or corruption, regardless of whether such liability is based in tort, contract, or otherwise.
  6. You agree that the access term for each course purchased is six months from the date of purchase. You may access and use the course materials for a period of six months.
  7. You agree that in the event that you request a refund, you must answer questionnaires and, in some cases, complete a phone interview to explain the reasons for your refund request in order to provide valuable feedback about your experience with the course and the reasons that your expectations have not been met. All refund requests must be received prior to the end of the six month access period.
  8. You agree that any materials, comments, feedback, or other communications provided to Magniphy, LLC may be used by Magniphy, LLC in its research and analysis of its course materials and design parameters. All changes and improvements resulting from its research and analysis are the sole and exclusive property of Magniphy, LLC. All communications received from you will be treated confidentially in accordance with our privacy policy.


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