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How Much Would it be Worth to Find Profitable eBay Trends Before Your Competitors?

For many products you can sell on eBay, success runs in yearly cycles. Some obvious examples are seasonal items like ski jackets, gardening tools and Christmas decorations. But you'll be blown away by how many eBay listings succeed or fail based on the time of year.

In the article below, we'll show you how to find out which products you want to sell on eBay do incredibly well only during certain months. For others, they are a disaster during the same period.

More importantly, you'll discover how easy it is to predict your future success this year. When you know the secrets to how your competitors made a killing last year you enjoy an "unfair advantage" that only solid auction research provides.

Discover How To Supercharge Your Profits By Learning the Lessons of Past Success

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Are You Getting Your Fair Share?

Last year, eBay sellers made nearly $20 billion. Have you made your share of the profits? If you are looking for ways to make the most of your auctions, HammerTap gives you the tools to take the guesswork out of listing on eBay.

How Can HammerTap Power Up Your Profits:

  • Now you’ll know the auction type that’s just right for your listing.
  • You’ll use the most effective listing features, and save money on unnecessary extras.
  • You’ll find the optimal ending day for your best chances of selling and increased profit.
  • You’ll choose the duration that will give your listing the perfect amount of exposure.
  • You’ll list in the category that will get the most attention for your listings.
  • You’ll create winning titles using keywords that hook higher-paying buyers.
  • You’ll know just the right starting price to cause a bidding frenzy.

HammerTap. Get the Power to Profit.

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Which of our Exclusive Features can you do without?

Features HammerTap Other Research Tools
Market Trending Data check check
Overall Average Selling Price check check
Overall Average Sales Rate check check
Reorganize Data (for ease of analysis) check Limited
Save Data Files Unlimited* Limited
Research Specific Competitors check check
Best Ending Day Sales Rate &
Sales Price
Sales Rate Only
Best Ending Hour Sales Rate &
Sales Price
Sales Rate Only
Best Listing Type Sales Rate &
Sales Price
Sales Rate Only
Most Effective Optional Features Sales Rate &
Sales Price
Sales Rate Only
Best Listing Length Sales Rate &
Sales Price
Sales Rate Only
Tells How to Increase Chances of Selling check Limited
Tells How to get the Best Selling Price checkExclusive  
Detailed Title Word Analysis checkExclusive  
Best Category for Specific Item checkExclusive  
Optimal Starting Price checkExclusive  
Exclude Specific Auctions checkExclusive  
Spot Trends With Detailed Year AgoTM Analysis checkExclusive  
Robust Customer Support checkExclusive  
Live Chat Support checkExclusive  
Desk-Top Application** checkExclusive  
Free Educational Curriculum checkExclusive  

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* The number of files that can be saved is only limited to your computer’s hard disk space.
** The advantages of a desktop application are that researchers can save a virtually unlimited number of research files, sort and load data much quicker, and group data in custom ways to cross-analyze statistics such as start price, categories, and total sales.
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