HammerTap vs. TeraPeak eBay Market Research

When it comes to eBay market research, the decision mainly comes down to two choices: HammerTap or TeraPeak. Both companies get their data directly from eBay and provide research tools that can help you make smart selling decisions without all the trial and error.

But, we think HammerTap's the right choice for eBay.com sellers. Here are our top ten reasons why.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose HammerTap

  1. Find Out What to Sell
    HammerTap has a unique report (i.e., our competitors don’t have it) that helps you narrow in on the most in-demand products for your niche or category. You’ll be able to narrow in on exactly what sells, down to the size, style, or model of the product. Many of our clients have claimed that this capability alone is well worth their monthly subscription. Make sure you attend one of our free webinars to learn how to work its magic.
  2. Make More on Every Listing
    Arm yourself with the facts. Know the best day and hour to end your listing, the most profitable start price to use, and other ways to improve your listings to bolster your bottom line. It all adds up, and HammerTap shows you how.
  3. Sell More Often
    When you know which factors increase your chance to sell, you’ll sell more often. Just follow the information in HammerTap’s LSR (Listing Success Rate) column to increase the percent of listings you sell.
  4. Top Keywords Buyers Use to Find Your Products
    Ever wondered how the highest-paying buyers are finding products like yours on eBay? Or, what to put in your titles to increase the chances of your listing selling? Learn the power keywords and phrases buyers search.
  5. Eliminate Risk
    Know if a product will sell and how much profit you’ll make on it before you invest a dime.
  6. Listing Feature Analysis
    Gallery pictures and other extra listing features are supposed to increase your profits. But, are you sure that they will ahead of time? HammerTap tells you just how much you stand to lose or gain with your investment.
  7. eBay.com Experts
    At HammerTap, we’re not trying to conquer the world. We know eBay.com, and that’s what we specialize in. We may not be able to give you tidbits about every country on Earth, but we can give you incredible, unparalleled insight into the eBay.com market.
  8. User-Friendly for Beginners
    Beginners, we’ve got a report just for you: the Findings report. It shows you what percent of your product sold in the last 30 days, and for what price. Then, it shows you how you can increase your selling price and how you can increase your success rate. We also have a free, weekly webinar for our beginning clients and a 10-part course to help you get started.
  9. Deeper Data for More Experienced Researchers
    If you’re a bit more experienced, or if you just get really addicted to finding ways to make more money per listing, look deeper into the data with one of our other seven reports. Research your competitors to reveal their entire game plan, look for categories with the least competition and the highest sell-through rates, or get a look at the competitive landscape.
  10. Money-Back Guarantee
    On top of our free trial, we have a money-back guarantee for your first month. We’re committed to reducing risks for your eBay business.

We look forward to hearing about why you would choose HammerTap.

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