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Dear eBay Business Owner,

Imagine sitting down to create your next eBay listing, and knowing precisely how to motivate buyers into an absolute bidding frenzy.

It’s easy when you have access to the incredible “brain power” of HammerTap. This is the proven tool that top eBay sellers rely on to keep them at the top of the heap.

Here’s how HammerTap gives you an almost unfair advantage…

  • Know what products to sellto start with, you've got to know which products are selling well on eBay.

  • Eliminate your selling riskbecause you’ll know if a product will sell and how much profit you’ll make before investing a single penny!

  • Squeeze more profit from every auction listingall the facts will be at your fingertips about the best end day for your auction, the most profitable start price, and other valuable secrets that your competitors would love to get their hands on!

  • Increase your number of successful listingswhen you load your listings with the “triggers” that get people to buy, you’ll sell more of everything. (HammerTap shows you what these triggers are!)

  • Discover hot new product categories before anyone elseand pull out more profits before the other guys find out about them.

  • Load your listings with the best keywordsknow exactly the top search terms that buyers are using to find your products and use them as powerful selling ammunition!

  • Identify the best profit-making listing featureslet the numbers show you whether or not to include gallery pictures and other listing highlight options for your products.

  • Leave your competition in the dustthey’ll be scratching their heads wondering how you keep selling more and more products at a profit!

How can HammerTap give you this priceless information? Thanks to our close-working relationship with eBay, we tap into eBay’s huge database to give you access to every single purchase made by the millions of eBay users each day.

That’s why HammerTap is such a privately guarded secret. When you make it part of your own selling strategy, you’ll put yourself into the top 1% of all eBay sellers.

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To your success…

Greg Cole
President of HammerTap


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