HammerTap Research

Optimize Your Listings. Maximize Your Profits.

HammerTap is the original eBay market research solution that gives you the Power to Profit. With HammerTap research you can build better listings, because you’ll know exactly how to attract the highest-paying buyers.

HammerTap’s rich research reports allow you to quickly and easily find the best starting and ending day, starting price, listing type, title keywords, and more for your specific product. HammerTap research takes away all the guesswork, and helps you optimize your listings to increase sales and maximize profits. Get HammerTap and the Power to Profit today!

What Does HammerTap Research Do For Me?

HammerTap Research gives you the tools you need to increase your profits, increase your sales, and decrease your risk!

HammerTap Research gives you the power to:

  • Know the profitability of a product before investing a dime.
  • Eliminate unnecessary fees by choosing the listing features that will get you the best results and the highest sales price every time.
  • Start your listing at the price that will create a bidding frenzy.
  • Know which categories and listing features will bring the most traffic to your listings.
  • Attract high-paying buyers by starting and ending your listings on the right day.
  • Find the keywords that will hook high-paying buyers
  • Optimize your listings to decrease the number of unsold items.
  • Monitor and stay ahead of seasonal and holiday market trends.
  • Keep an eye on the competition and know how to make your listings even better.
  • Make your eBay business decisions based on facts, not just gut instinct!


What is HammerTap PowerWeb?

The HammerTap PowerWeb tool is a slimmed-down version of the PowerDesk Program and provides you with access to rich market data from the web. PowerWeb is included with your PowerDesk subscription and includes many of the same capabilities.

With PowerWeb you can

  • Check a product's market supply and demand before you invest.
  • Find out exactly how to attract the highest-paying buyers.
  • Set the start price that will make your listing the one buyers can't pass up.
  • Find the ideal days and times to start and end your listing for the highest profits.
  • Discover the most profitable title keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions about HammerTap Research:

What eBay research data does HammerTap include?

HammerTap includes closed listings for all eBay U.S. categories with the exception of eBay Motors, Motors Parts & Accessories and eBay Real Estate.

Is HammerTap Research Mac compatible?

HammerTap Research PowerDesk is a PC based program and is not supported by other operating systems. However, if you have a PC operating system on your Mac through the Parallels or VMware Fusion programs, you will be able to run HammerTap. PowerWeb runs regardless of your computer’s operating system, since it is internet based.

How can I learn more about HammerTap Research?

If you'd like to learn more about HammerTap Research you can check out our video tutorials or sign-up for a free, live Hammertap Basics Webinar.


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