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Infopia Launches Research Powered by HammerTap

Online sales analysis helps e-tailers to drive better decisions and profitability

Infopia and HammerTap bring online businesses the Power to Profit. Infopia’s latest version of Marketplace Manager, a complete online selling solution, introduces PowerWeb, powered by HammerTap,. PowerWeb is a powerful online marketplace data solution which seamlessly integrates Infopia and Hammertap to enable sellers in driving their eCommerce sales.

In addition to PowerWeb market research, Infopia delivers the industry’s most complete on-demand eCommerce solution suite for online merchants: Marketplace Manager™

Transform your online sales with:

  • Real-time inventory management – across all channels
  • Streamlined business processes – for better control and higher margins
  • Integration through Web Services – to access new options
  • Customer Relationship Management – including salesforce.com
  • Analytics of online performance – for better decision-making

If your company is seeking more from eCommerce, seek the answers from Infopia. Scores of successful organizations have seen the results.

Infopia is a HammerTap recommended partner. Learn more about Marketplace Manager and Infopia's complete online selling tools.

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