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How to Make More Money in Less Time

This eBay Marketing Newsletter will help you discover more money in every hour. Not more hours for more money. Each week, we cover topics like:

  • Secrets to Attracting Higher-Paying Buyers
  • Discover What’s Hot before Word Gets Out
  • Find the Right Hook for Your Buyer
  • Make Your Listings Hog the Spotlight
  • And more...

Sample Newsletter Excerpt

"How To Get More eBay 'Home Runs'..."

Know where to start. In this Web article, I'll reveal one eBay secret which can reward you with twice, three times, even ten times as much profit when you list on eBay.

The start price for your listings can have more effect on your bottom line than almost any other single factor. Yet finding your ideal start price is one of the most misunderstood eBay topics.

I thought I understood eBay auction bidders. Conventional wisdom preaches that the more bidders on an auction, the higher its closing price. Right? Well... sometimes.

In practice, I found completely different bidding patterns between various types of products. What I really found is that no handy rule of thumb could reliably help me pick the optimum start price for all products.

Because product listings in one category performed so differently than those in another, I needed reliable research. I stay very busy. Like most of you, career, family, and countless other things take up my time. Who has time to spend hours doing auction research? I needed a way to quickly research the effect of start price on my listings' closing price. I found it.

You can read articles, where you'll discover:

  • How to change just one thing about your auctions to profit two, three, or even up to ten times as much on it
  • How to find out what's working for your competition and beat them at their own game.
  • How to learn from the mistakes of others... so you don't make them yourself.
  • How research eliminates the risk of listing your products on eBay
  • How the right tools make auction research quick and easy
  • Three real-world eBay research methods

Check out our Newsletters at http://www.hammertap.com/newsletter_archive/





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