Track Down the Biggest Sales Items on eBay

By Steve Nye, eBay Certified Consultant

Hello eBay Powerful Sellers!

Every so often we have a special treat for you with the Auctionography training courses for eBay. I know that sometimes you get tired of hearing from me, so today I asked Brad Schepp to share some helpful hints for your online selling success.

Brad is the author, along with his wife, Deb, as co-author, of 13 books including the bestselling eBay book, eBay PowerSeller Secrets. He has worked as an editor for several Fortune 500 companies including McGraw-Hill and Time Warner. Brad and Deb's latest books are eBay PowerSeller Million Dollar Ideas, and How eBay Really Works. You can order these through their website,, or through retailers such as Amazon.

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This Week´s Auctionography: Track Down the Biggest Sales Items on eBay

by Brad Schepp

When you're trying to find the biggest sales items on eBay it seems you have the same sources available to you that everyone else does (yawn). Those include yard sales, flea markets, closeouts, wholesale lots, and droppshippers. Estate sales may be another. As you can imagine, as the number of eBay sellers grows, the competition for products to resell grows. What if there was some other product source that most people were ignoring? Maybe there is.

The way to track down these hidden products is through research. Wait! Before you click away, hear me out. When was the last time you used the Internet for research? Thought so, probably just a little while ago. Now when was the last time you consulted a FREE professional researcher, available in person, or through email, who knows important tips for Internet searching , and who has access to databases that you don't? I'm talking about your local reference librarian, of course, as well as your local business librarian. People who you pay with your tax dollars, and who are more than happy to help in any way they can. (Deb, my wife and coauthor is a librarian, but I liked librarians before I even met Deb).

As the Internet has grown, believe it or not the need for information professionals has increased. With so much information available, of varying quality, people need help getting to the good stuff fast. Also, even though you may think all the world's knowledge is on the Internet, that's far from the case. Many periodicals and other business sources are available only through expensive databases, or in hard copy form. Your librarian has access to these sources--you probably don't.

Now that you know about this secret helper, how can she help you source products? As we discuss in our books eBay PowerSeller Secrets and eBay PowerSeller Million Dollar Ideas, local manufacturers can be a great source of products for resale. You can approach them directly, or through trade shows. Your reference librarian can be a tremendous help in locating these (both the manufacturers and trade shows).

Another way to source products is to create your own. Not just ebooks, but actual products. One of our favorite PowerSellers, Kevin Boyd of preferreddiscounts, did just that with his clever pipe guardian and cigar caddies for pipe and cigar smokers on the go. Your librarian can help you assess the market for your own product brainstorms, and point you to specialized publications for idea generating.

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Happy, and successful sourcing to you all!

I hope you enjoyed Brad's comments! I sure did. Don´t forget to check out for more education and services.


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