Selling Strategy Tips

What Auction Types and Brand Names are Most Successful?


by Jen Cano, eBay Certified Consultant

Whether you’re listing a product in an online auction for the fist time or you’ve been auctioning products since the beginning, you will find that online auctions can be very profitable.

So, how do you find this information? Below you will find information on how to maximize your auction’s success.

What auction types are the most successful?

To discover which auction type will most likely give you the best chances of success:

1. Conduct research for your specific product, narrowing the results to match your own desired auction offering.
2. Click on the Report tab.
Click on the Report tab
3. On the Report tab, go to the Auction Type report and graph.
4. On the Auction Type report, look at the percentage in the Auction Success Rate column. This is the percentage of auctions of each type that sold.
5. Also look at the dollar amount in the ASP (average sales price) column. This is the average dollar amount that each type of auction sold for.

Use the Auction Success Rate and the ASP columns to help you decide

Use the Auction Success Rate and the ASP columns to help you decide which auction type yielded the highest success for the auctions included in your research.

Which brand name is the most successful?

Brand names are a large success factor on eBay. To find out which brand names will yield the best success rate and the best ASP (average sales price), try adding different brand names to the Keywords field in the research panel.

For example, if you wanted to know whether boys Old Navy or Gap clothing sells more often or yields a higher ASP, enter "Old Navy" in the Keyword field, enter the Boys Clothing category number in the Category field, and click Start. Then, compare results by opening another instance of HammerTap and entering "Gap" in the Keyword field instead of "Old Navy." You can leave both HammerTap windows open simultaneously to compare the results more efficiently.

Research Tip: You could use this same technique to discover other offerings that achieve greater success. For example, you could enter the keywords "New," "NWT," "NWOT," and etc. to determine whether or not the market wants new products, products with or without tags, or used products.
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