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What Words Should I Use in My Title? and What Presentation Methods are Most Successful?

by Jen Cano, eBay Certified Consultant

What does your title say about your website? Depending on the words and the presentation, it can say a lot, or...not enough. Like the title of a book, your website's title should entice your potential customers to "dive" into your website like it's a fascinating book and then, possibly purchase one of your products.

If you aren't a writer by heart, you can still create a title worthy of a best seller. All you need is a little help. With the tips provided in this Snippet, you too can provide a title that will help your website sell.

What words should I use in my title?

To boost your auction´s chances of being viewed by more eBay shoppers, you need to know which words shoppers are using to find the product you are selling. Part of increasing your visibility to shoppers is knowing the best words to include in your auction title.

The Keywords tab includes statistics about every word included in each auction title in your research. To discover which keywords were the most successful:

1. Conduct research for your specific product, narrowing the results to match your own desired auction offering.
2. Now go to the Keywords tab. This tab shows every word included in every auction in your research. Here you´ll discover which words buyers most likely used to search for auctions that match what you are selling.Now go to the Keywords tab
3. Click the Auctions with Sales column heading. This will sort the keywords in order from the least to greatest number of auctions that sold that had the keyword in it. The higher the number of sold auctions that corresponds to a word indicates a stronger likelihood that buyers will find your listing when they are looking for products like yours.
4. Of the words that have been included in the largest number of auctions that sold, take a look at the ASP (average sales price) column.
Take a look at the ASP
Include words in your listing title that have shown the best success rate and a higher average sales price.

What presentation methods are successful for the product I am selling?

Once you have found auctions on the Auctions tab that are the most successful, and you have determined that the auctions make a similar offer to yours, click on auction titles to visit the auctions.

Study the listings to discover the color schemes, layouts, and pictures they used. Good questions to ask are:

* What color text did the auctions utilize?
* What information was bolded?
* What background colors were used?
* How was the text arranged on the page?
* What is the general "feeling" of the page?
* How many pictures did the listing include?

Mimic these elements in your own listings to boost your success.

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