HammerTap Auctionography

With the HammerTap Auctionography, you have access to the latest and greatest research education available. Learn from eBay Certified Consultants and research experts how you can harness the power of market research for your own business.

Product Sourcing and Research

Effective product sourcing is built upon the foundation of market research. It's time to start expanding your inventory with confidence using research as your guide.

Finding What's Hot on eBay

It's one thing to know what the hot products are on eBay, but it's another thing to know which products are hot FOR YOU! Use HammerTap to find hot products within the eBay market that you are guaranteed to make a profit on.

Making Research a Part of Your Business

With all the time it takes to take pictures, list your products and then package and ship, how are you ever going to fit research into your business strategy? Check out these articles to find out how.

Reading eBay Market Trends

Know the supply and demand for your product, and where these trends are heading. With research, you can also stay ahead of a changing market around various seasons and holidays.

Listing Optimization

Remove the guesswork when it comes to your listing decisions. Know exactly which features are working to make you more money, and which ones are only increasing your eBay fees. Learn how to optimize your listing to ensure maximum profitability.

Building that Perfect Title

Know which keywords are working and which ones aren't. With research, you can include the keywords in your title that you know buyers are searching for. Learn the most effective keywords to use to hook those high bidders.

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