Lesson 2: Feel the Power!—Searching with PowerWeb

Greetings, PowerBroker,

Let´s jump right into Lesson 2. Today you will learn how to conduct two different searches with PowerWeb. These two searches allow you to power up your auctions in just a few simple steps.

First, let´s start with Keyword Search.

Using Keyword Search

Before we begin a Keyword Search, let´s go ahead and pick a product to research and use that same product throughout this course. I own (and love) an iPod 30GB. Let´s do a Keyword Search for one of these.

To begin a Keyword Search:

  1. Click Keyword Search in the left-hand corner of the PowerWeb window.
  2. In the Keywords field, enter words you think will most likely be part of auction titles you want to research (for this example, enter "iPod 30GB"). These are the words I think will most likely be part of listing titles I want to research in order to sell iPod 30GBs.
  3. Select the "All of These Words" option from the Include drop-down menu. For future reference, here are all the options and what they mean:
    • All of These Words: PowerWeb will search for listings with all of your keywords in their titles
    • Any of These Words: PowerWeb will search for listings with any of your keywords in their titles
    • Exact Phrase: PowerWeb will search for listings with the exact phrase you entered in their titles (to use this option, enclose your phrase in quotation marks)
  4. Enter words you want to exclude from your search in the Exclude Keywords field (this step is optional).
  5. Click Advanced Options. A set of fields will appear.
  6. Click the Recent Listings radio button to search for listings ending in the last 30 days.
  7. Enter 15057 in the Category Number field. This is the number corresponding to the category we want to search and will limit our research results to listings that were in that category.
    • To find a category number, click Browse Categories, then click the + next to the top lever category you would like to search through.
    • When you have found the category you want, click on it. Its category number will automatically be added to the Category Number field.

    If one of your research objectives is to find the BEST CATEGORIES to list your auction in, do NOT limit your query to a particular category.

  8. Select 500 from the Number of Listings drop-down menu. This is the maximum number of listings you´ll want included in your research results.
  9. Enter the Minimum and Maximum $ amounts if desired.

    Our purpose in researching this product is to find out the maximum amount we can make on a sale, so it may be helpful to leave this field blank.

  11. Select Regular and Fixed Price from the Listing Types section.
  12. Click Submit.

If you entered in the information correctly, your Keyword Search screen should have looked like the one below. (Note: Your dates will differ from the dates in these searches. Your research will cover approximately 30 days previous to the date you conduct the research.)

Once you click Submit, PowerWeb will perform the research and pull up a Results window. This window contains the information you need to power up your auctions. I know you are chomping at the bit to dive into this, but please stay with me until after I show you how to filter your results. There is no sense in doing the research if it is giving you the wrong answers to your questions.

Using Category Search

Since we are iPod 30GBs, go ahead and conduct a Category Search for "iPod 30GB (7,500 songs)" or category number 15057.

To begin our Category Search:

  1. Click Category Search in the left-hand corner of the PowerWeb window.
  2. Click Browse Categories to find "iPod 30GB (7,500 songs)" or simply enter 15057 in the Category Number field.
  3. Click Advanced Options. A set of fields will appear.
  4. As with Keyword Search, click the Recent Listings radio button—though this time, you will be able to search for listings ending in the last 90 days.
  5. Select the Regular and Fixed Price checkboxes in the Listing Types section
  6. Click Submit.

If you entered in the information correctly, your Category Search screen should have looked like the one below.

Your results will appear momentarily in your Results window.

Filtering Your Results

Even the most meticulous search can return results that do not match your search criteria. Filtering your results (eliminating irrelevant listings from your search results) gives you more accurate results and a better idea of how your product is selling.

To filter your results, click View listings included in this report (at the top of the Results Summary section in your Results window). A window will appear with a list of every listing included in your research results (see example below). Scan the title of each listing to determine whether it applies to your research. If it does not apply to your research, uncheck the checkbox next to the listing title. Click Filter Report to recalculate your research results. The listing window will close, and your filtered research results will appear momentarily in your PowerWeb window.

Assignment #2: Practice using Keyword and Category searches

You don´t think you´re getting away without a homework assignment, do you?

For this assignment, please select a product you´re currently selling or thinking about selling and complete both of the search options. Start diving into your Results windows and get a feel for what´s there. In the next lesson, we´ll discuss your research results and how you can apply them to your own listings.

EXCELLENT! You´re now well on your way to finding the RIGHT ANSWERS, by asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS, to give you the RIGHT INFORMATION on which to base your selling decisions every time.

CONGRATULATIONS! You´ve completed Lesson 2. Have questions? Our support team is standing by to assist you.

Look for Lesson 3 in your inbox in a day or two. Or, if you can´t wait, move forward to Lesson 3 right now.

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