HammerTap FAQ

Do I get free updates when I purchase a license or subscription to PowerWeb?
Yes—all updates and upgrades are free of charge and are included in the subscription. If you need to check if you are using the latest version, email support@hammertap.com.

What does HammerTap’s PowerWeb do?
PowerWeb is an abbreviated, web-based version of the HammerTap software that researches closed listings on eBay. With this powerful tool, you can find out what’s selling, how much it sells for, and how you can make more with every listing. Use it to research specific items to find out the best categories, best closing time of day, best closing hour, specific sellers, and more.

What kinds of tutorials are available with HammerTap’s PowerWeb?
The Analytics course (a ten-lesson HammerTap tutorial) is available at http://www.hammertap.com/analytics_welcome.

How can I find out about the hottest products sold on eBay?
If you are unsure of what is selling well or what to search for, try looking at eBay´s "What´s Hot" list (http://pages.ebay.com/sellercentral/whatshot.html).

What dates can I research with HammerTap’s PowerWeb?
PowerWeb’s Category Search allows you to search the three previous 90 days and the 90 upcoming days one year ago. Product Search lets you search the previous 30 days and the upcoming 30 days one year ago.

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