Affiliate Opportunities

Excited about how HammerTap can help give your clients the power to profit? We invite you to offer HammerTap to your customers, and gather 20% of your referral sales.

  • 20% Commission: When you refer a customer we pay you 20% of any money we collect from that customer.

  • Residual Long-term Income: You will be paid for the lifetime of the customer. This means that you are earning money as long as the customer you referred remains active. This is a great way for you to generate ongoing passive income!

  • 6 Months to Sign Up: When a customer is referred to our site we store a cookie identifying you as the affiliate. If that customer signs up any time in the following 6 months from their original visit, you still get credit for that customer.

  • Paid Monthly: We pay monthly when your account has reached a balance of $25.  There are no hidden "processing" fees - you get paid in full for all sales you generate.

  • Easy Linking: When you sign up we will send you an email with banners and linking instructions.

  • No Spam: If you try to earn affiliate commissions through the use of unsolicited email, your affiliate account will be canceled.
Click Here to Register as a HammerTap Affiliate

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