Cross-Promotional Opportunities

Our marketing team has created an exciting cross-promotion package to help foster and support your company. Below is an example of these opportunities:

  • Resource Center: List your company’s products in HammerTap’s online resource center.

  • Newsletters: Contribute educational articles written by a subject-matter expert within your company for distribution in our HammerTap newsletters. The article should educate readers about how your product addresses the growing pains of online businesses. A link to your website, products and services is permitted.

  • Webinars: Joint webinars, presented to a joint customer base, build credibility for your business and product offerings and increase exposure.

  • Community Forum: Post educational content on our HammerTap Forum with link backs to you site.

  • Product Bundles: Bundle a selection of your products with HammerTap products to create a new marketing package for both customer bases.

  • Press Releases: Joint Press releases encourage credibility and the recognition of forward progress for each company and brand.

  • Case Study: Join with HammerTap education specialists in carrying out an in-depth case study with real eBay sellers.

Please email Amy Kendall, to take advantage of any of the above cross-promotional opportunities.

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