Integration Opportunities

In an effort to fit your business needs and objectives, HammerTap offers several progressive integration opportunities. Of course, if you do not find the integration strategy that best fits your business needs, please complete the Strategic Opportunity form, and our development team will work with you to meet your needs.

PowerWeb Research Edition
The PowerWeb Research edition presents powerful optimization results for specific products and categories. This edition includes recommendations such as:

  • Average sales rate and sales price
  • Best listing type
  • Effective listing features
  • Optimal ending day/time
  • Best duration
  • Best words to use in the listing title

The PowerWeb edition is available under a private label, at an attractive wholesale price, and easily plugs in to your target website.

PowerDesk Research Edition
For access to even more powerful market research capabilities, the PowerDesk application provides the same information as the PowerWeb edition, as well as:

  • Competitor analysis: for a quick view of the selling habits of top sellers
  • Market size statistics: to pinpoint the seller’s market position and potential
  • Keyword analysis: to identify what buyers are looking for
  • Year Ago trending: to forecast buying trends for the coming month
  • Detailed statistics: to compare key selling factors such as start price and category placement
  • Research matching and filtering: to ensure that decisions the seller makes are based on accurate information
  • Unlimited saved reports: to build a comprehensive buyer and trend profile

This edition is available under a private label, as well as under the HammerTap brand, with an attractive revenue share. It also downloads easily from your target website.

What’s the Advantage of a Private Label?
For minimal upfront costs, you can reach out to your customers with a fully-functional, tested product, under a trusted, already-familiar brand—yours. Financially, this option is low-risk because the initial expense is minimal.

What is the Private-Labeling Process?
The private-labeling process is simple and cost-effective. Once you decide to private label a HammerTap solution:

    1. A HammerTap account manager will work with you to establish branding information for your company’s market research solution.

    2. The HammerTap software development team will incorporate your branding information in the software name, look and feel, and help system.

    3. Your product will be delivered to you and your clients via the agreed-upon method.

Custom Solutions and Integrations
For custom solutions and integration information please contact Brian Clark at

If the PowerWeb or PowerDesk Research editions do not currently fit your needs, please contact us to discuss alternative ways HammerTap research technology can benefit your business.

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