Key Differentiators

HammerTap and our competitor’s products provide similar data results, including the overall average selling price, overall average sales rate and general market trending data. But that’s where the similarities end. Only HammerTap gives sellers the in-depth information they need to truly maximize their profits in the marketplace. Some of these key differences are explained below.

Education and Support
Our unique approach to research compels strong customer loyalty. In addition to useful tools, our clients receive dedicated support and numerous educational resources designed to help their businesses succeed in real-world situations.

HammerTap’s leading education includes audio and video workshops, a weekly educational newsletter, and a ten-session eBay market research PowerCourse.

Comprehensive Analysis
HammerTap’s complete research analysis helps sellers use the best listing configuration to optimize both the listing success rate AND the maximum sales price (some competitors only consider the listing success rate in their calculations).

Optimized Data Sets
HammerTap provides the most accurate research results possible, allowing users to exclude specific listings from their data set (statistical outliers that skew your results). Sellers can compare apples to apples, not apples to “apple dips,” “apple corers,” “Apple computers,” or a gold-plated apple that cost $1000. Our competitors don’t allow you to exclude specific, irrelevant listings.

Optimal Price Analysis
Drill down below the surface to really understand how starting prices affect end prices. HammerTap allows sellers to determine the optimal starting prices that maximize their final sale prices.

Title Word Analysis
HammerTap has the most detailed and comprehensive title-word analysis available. Sellers can find the keywords that bring more traffic to their listings, thus increasing success rate and profits.

Sort and Regroup Results
Sellers can get answers to their specific business questions by sorting and grouping data to meet their needs. This powerful feature allows sellers to make better and smarter business decisions specific to their sales.

Unlimited Saved Reports
With HammerTap’s PowerDesk application, researchers can save as many research files as their hard drives can hold, giving them virtually unlimited research. This proves to be extremely beneficial in creating a research library for their business.

Year-Ago Trending
Year-Ago data lets researchers look at aggregate data from a year ago to anticipate selling trends for the coming month. Using Year-Ago data, sellers can view and anticipate seasonal and other time-specific trends.

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