The mission of HammerTap is 3-fold: to provide customers with the tools, education and support they need to increase sales and maximize profits within the eBay marketplace.

Tools: HammerTap is the most comprehensive and in-depth eBay research tool, providing the beginning seller up to the avid PowerSeller with the information they need to power-up their auctions. While many research products have similar features, HammerTap offers the most exclusive features to both increase sales rates and maximize profits. Predicting future sales trends with YearAgo trending data allows users to prepare for changes in the eBay market. Most importantly, HammerTap utilizes licensed eBay market data to provide up-to-date and accurate market information.

Education: Providing education as a companion to marketplace research has been a primary focus of HammerTap from the beginning. Sellers receive the latest research technology coupled with highly innovative educational resources from research specialists. To assist customers in utilizing the power of research, HammerTap offers a complete eBay Marketplace Research Power Course, which was developed by eBay Certified Consultants. This course carefully leads sellers through the HammerTap software and enables them to use the power of market research to make better business decisions. As an eBay Certified Solution Provider, HammerTap also conducts regular community workshops with eBay to further educate eBay sellers.

Support: Aside from maintaining an educational foundation, HammerTap also provides robust customer support. Customers can access assistance and technical support through e-mails and even live chat with customer support specialists.

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