Innovative Philosophy

Our vision to provide powerful Internet solutions for Internet businesses extends throughout every aspect of our company. Over the past two years, the HammerTap product offering has undergone significant upgrades, reflecting the needs and feedback of our customers and partners. HammerTap paves the way for leading-edge technology and accurate, meaningful market intelligence.

Recently, the development team has led HammerTap in ground-breaking innovations within the industry. In November of 2006, Infopia launched HammerTap market research as part of their Marketplace Manager. This was the first time eBay market research was integrated directly into merchant management tools to provide automated research.

In early 2007, HammerTap developed research integration for ProStores, an eBay company, making it possible for sellers to import their entire inventory list directly into a research tool for the first time.

Also in early 2007, HammerTap began looking for innovative approaches for buyers. This came with the acquisition of Auction Trust Network, a loyalty-based buyer’s tool aimed at making the online marketplace a safer shopping environment.

In 2008, the HammerTap development team began creating new research analysis reports for HammerTap PowerDesk. The new reports make it even easier for sellers to answer vital questions about their listings.

In the third quater of 2008, HammerTap also plans on releasing the HammerTap Lister, a new innovation that helps sellers combine research with the actual listing creation process.

These latest research and listing innovations represent the future of HammerTap and our ability to provide leading edge technology and product offerings.

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