Community Relations

HammerTap’s commitment to provide quality education has not only been extended to our customers, but has also carried into our community outreach activities and the development of our company culture.

As a leading provider within the online marketplace, HammerTap donates Web design and hosting for five United Way chapters. In 2002, Greg Cole received the United Way Outstanding Service Award for his contributions to United Way in Utah County.

In conjunction with the mission of United Way to “energize and inspire people to make a difference,” HammerTap continues to support community improvement through education contributions. Because education is the backbone of HammerTap, the company makes regular donations to the Perpetual Education Fund—a fund that makes it possible for young adults in developing countries to pursue degrees in higher education. As HammerTap continues to give back to the community, we seek to help individuals succeed through education.

Aside from supporting education within the community, HammerTap facilitates the highest levels of training and education for our employees. Because of our commitment and loyalty to our employees, each employee understands that their ideas and contributions make a difference for the company and for the customers. This understanding and loyalty, in turn, is reflected in each employee’s desire to help business owners reach their financial potential.

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