HammerTap Endorsements

HammerTap has received the following endorsements and recognitions.

eBay Radio Contributing Editors
Greg Cole, President, and Jen Cano, Vice President of Marketing, are contributing editors for eBay Radio, hosted by eBay celebrity Jim Griffith (“Griff”). WSRadio, producer of eBay Radio, celebrated its one-millionth listener this year.

Member of eBay Developer’s Program
As the original eBay market research provider, HammerTap serves as a member of the eBay Developers’ Program. Working with eBay, HammerTap seeks to help users grow their businesses through our services and innovative technology.

eBay Market Data Provider
Being a member of the eBay Market Data Program enables HammerTap to provide sellers with access to rich historical data about what is bought and sold on eBay. Through HammerTap’s data-licensing agreement with eBay, sellers can search through closed eBay auctions to make more effective buying and selling decisions for their business.

eBay Community Workshops
Not only does HammerTap provide high levels of education for their own customers, but eBay hosts community workshops with HammerTap research experts. These monthly workshops reach thousands of members within the eBay community.

Internet Download Sites
HammerTap software is featured on most download sites on the Internet and has received top awards and reviews on many of these websites. Some of these sites include Softsia.com, SoftPedia.com, Byte-Flow.com and SimpleShareWare.com.

Featured Articles
HammerTap has been featured in several articles in notable publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Smart Money Magazine, Practical Internet Magazine, PC Pro Magazine, The Houston Chronicle and The Palm Beach Post.


Recognition from Industry Experts

“HammerTap research increased my eBay profits more than 20 percent. The starting price analysis was nothing short of amazing and revealed an unexpected way to draw more buyers to my auctions.”

    - Chris Murc: President of WSRadio, home of eBay Radio and Entrepreneur Magazine Radio


“If you have read my newsletter or books, you know I am a big believer in research. If you are selling on eBay, a good research tool will put money in your pocket. There are several research tools on the market and I have tried them all. But this new release of HammerTap3 completely blows away the competition. It is without a doubt the most complete, easy to use, and the most profit generating tool on the market.”

    - Skip McGrath: Celebrated eBay Education Specialist


“I have used HammerTap to determine effective keywords for my titles, judge interest in various vehicles featured on my posters, and as a guide to set prices based on completed auctions. I also use it to determine ending times for my auctions. HammerTap is the best tool I've used to sift through a lot of information quickly and efficiently. It has definitely improved my bottom line.”

    - Steve Lindhorst: eBay University Instructor


“HammerTap is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that has been invaluable to me in doing research both for my books and for better understanding my own eBay sales.”

    - Julia Wilkinson: Author of The eBay Priceguide


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