Revenue Evolution Study—Kick-Off Report

(January 22, 2007 - March 22, 2007)
by Jen Cano, Certified eBay Consultant and eBay Radio Contributing Editor

Meet Our Participants

Tim Reynolds

Tim is back by popular demand! By the end of the Grow My Profits study, Tim had nearly reached Platinum PowerSeller with his eBay business, selling computer hardware and software. Way to go, Tim!

Tim has been eBaying for over 7 years and is now reaching a black-belt in eBay market research. During the Revenue Evolution study, he’s going to learn how using HammerTap market data can help him attract repeat customers. He’s also new to Infopia, so now he’s going to begin expanding his business to reach multiple marketplaces—including a website.


Doug Mayo

Doug Mayo has been on eBay for 3 ½ years selling jewelry. His business has a large presence on and off line. He began as a jewelry manufacturer, and then began doing direct sales of his company’s dazzling jewelry. Infopia has been helping Doug find several online markets for his products and is helping him track his progress.

As a Platinum powerseller, Doug is now going to see what happens when we add the power of HammerTap market research to the mix! Click on his journal link to get the inside scoop on what he learns during this study.

Read Doug’s Journal


The participants in this study were each already either HammerTap or Infopia customers. Each had benefited from the company they were with. We wanted to see what would happen when we mixed the two together (market research and multi-channel business management). And that’s the focus of this study.

We didn’t want a big, impersonal study that would give us lots of general information about masses of businesses. We wanted a focused, personal study that would allow us to concentrate on all the intricacies of just a few businesses.

We’ve got them, and they’re ready to take the next steps and revolutionize the way their businesses evolve.

Jen Cano
HammerTap Study Leader

Brought to You by...

The Product Exchange: Kevin, Robert, and Kent

The guys with The Product Exchange have been doing business on eBay for nearly 7 years—they’re old pros! Robert, Kevin, and Kent represent a manufacturer of golf goods and have found a fantastic selling audience on the eBay marketplace.

As Platinum powersellers, The Product Exchange has been working with Infopia for some time, which has helped increase their business and improve their profits. Now it’s time to see what HammerTap market research can do to help them. Their journal entries will record their progress.

Read The Product Exchange Journal

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This study is being conducted by HammerTapTM and InfopiaTM. Not all qualified applicants were accepted for participation.





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