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Looking for products to sell online? Doba members have access to over 1,200,000 brand name products in 8,000 different product categories, representing over 3,200 brands. All items are backed by the product sourcing industry's first-ever lowest wholesale price guarantee, so add Doba to your sourcing strategy by starting your FREE 14-Day trial today!Click here to get started right now!

eBay Performance! Selling Success with Market Research and Product Sourcing is the most comprehensive resourse to help you combine the foundation of market research with effective product sourcing strategies. In September 2006, HammerTap teamed up with Worldwide Brands to launch a comprehensive study titled Grow My Profits. The study focused on how real-life businesses use market research and product sourcing hand-in-hand to build solid online business profits. Once a week, for 16 weeks, each study participant met to talk about how they could grow their profits on eBay. The result was a startling look into simple ways to reduce risk and maximize profits in online businesses.


This book is the culmination of the insights gained and strategies developed during the Grow My Profits study. It is also the culmination of our experiences with over 100,000 aspiring online entrepreneurs.

Do you properly utilize Multi-Venue Management? Are you familiar with the term? The eBay Business Assessment will ask you a series of short questions that will determine how well you are using your eBay business to make as much money as possible. It will show you how much money you are leaving on the table each and every time you make an eBay sale.

Worldwide Brands is your one-stop shop for millions of wholesale products you can sell online, direct from thousands of verified wholesale suppliers. Worldwide Brands researches and maintains the Internet's most trusted database of wholesale suppliers willing to work with online retailers. Worldwide Brands is an eBay Certified Solutions Provider, writes and hosts two E-Commerce radio shows for Entrepreneur Magazine, and is the Product Sourcing Editor for eBay Radio.

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Infopia provides a comprehensive multichannel online selling solution to execute the complete online inventory-to-cash cycle. This includes helping companies to optimize product merchandising, manage the shopping experience, and maximize their presence through premier online marketplaces and search engines such as eBay, Amazon,,, Shopzilla, Yahoo! and Google. Together with online selling best-practices, Infopia serves wide range of clients, from start-ups to top eBay PowerSellers to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Auction Video allows you to record a 3 minute, video from any web cam, or you can upload any video file that is pre-recorded, and place it easily into your eBay Auctions. It is fast, easy, and an unlimited amount of people can view your video in your listing.

Join over 2 million other listings who have increased their sales over 13% by using Auction Video.

123-Free-Download | Software Archive - Get free HTML conversion tools and editors, font tools, animation and much more to make your auction listings stand out from the rest.

7 Essential Steps to Successful eBay Marketing: authored by Phil Dunn, is packed full of marketing essentials for creating successful auctions.

Skip McGrath's Auction Seller's Resource provides FREE Information, tools and resources for professional eBay sellers.

vzaar is an accredited eBay developer and approved video supplier for eBay sellers and the host of thousands of videos for eBay sellers. Built by eBay users for eBay users, vzaar enhances the eBay experience for both buyers and sellers. vzaar is a free service for casual sellers, with premium features available for more frequent users and PowerSellers. To find out about vzaar’s services click here.

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