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Sell More Products. Make More Money. Guaranteed.

Become a Top Seller

  • Know the supply and demand for your product or category
  • Find out when to enter and exit the market with hot products
  • Determine your competition and market potential for each product or category

It's time to base your listing decisions on the facts. When choosing a lottery number, go ahead and feel free to guess. Just don't run your business that way.

In order to remove the guesswork, you've got to get the right tools to ensure your success. If you're serious about becoming a top seller on eBay, you're going to need to invest in the right tools. You need solid research to consistently make the right listing decisions every time. With HammerTap market research, you know exactly what's working and not working for every product on the eBay market. Read on to see why HammerTap can make you more money, and help you sell more products, guaranteed!

Make More Money

  • Choose the listing features that increase your selling price on every auction
  • Eliminate unnecessary eBay fees
  • Create listing titles with keywords that hook higher-paying buyers
  • Set the optimal starting price to create a bidding frenzy

There's no lack of eBay advice out there. Some "experts" tell you that in order to make the most money, always end your listing on Sunday.

Others will tell you that Sunday is the worst day to end, and that you should end on weekdays. So who's right? They both are. Let me explain.

Every product performs differently on eBay. There is no general rule of thumb when it comes to selling your product on eBay. What works for one product may be the complete opposite of what works for another product.

Picking the best Ending Day is just the beginning. To make the most profit on each listing, you need to know what consistently works on every listing.

With HammerTap, you have access to all of eBay. Every sale that worked, and every sale that didn't work. With research that powerful, you can know in seconds how to get the most money every time you list! Trial and error are a thing of the past.

Sell More Products

  • Know what ending day and time increase your chances of selling
  • Choose the listing duration that gives your listing the optimal exposure
  • Know which category brings more buyers to your auction
  • Optimize your listing to reduce the number of unsold items

As an eBay seller, you need to get away from what I call the "shotgun blast" approach to listing. This is when you list as many products as you can, as fast as you can, and whenever you can. In the end, you sell about a third of what you listed, and are stuck re-listing everything else.

Instead of focusing on listing more, you need to focus on selling more. Take your "shotgun blast" approach and turn it into a sure shot, a sure sale every time you list.

With HammerTap market research, you can increase your sell-through rates before you even list your product. Better yet, you can know if a product will sell before you even invest a dime!

Eliminate Risk

  • No need to rely on your gut instinct
  • Increase both your sales and selling price
  • Find out if a product sells and for how much before you invest a dime
  • Never get stuck with an un-sold inventory
  • Monitor and stay ahead of seasonal and holiday trends

You've emptied your attic by selling it all on eBay, and now you are looking for other products to sell to keep your new addiction fed.

Whether you are working with drop-shippers or wholesalers, or even picking up items at a local garage sale, without the facts you are treading in dangerous waters. Don't get burned by a "hot list" and get stuck with an inventory you can't move!

To avoid the heartaches of a basement full of un-sold products, use HammerTap research to know what's hot and what's not. You can even determine your market potential - how much money you can expect to make - on products your are thinking about selling.

Research Your Competition

  • Research a specific seller to beat out the competition
  • Know how to make your listings better than the top sellers
  • Monitor your competition’s activity in the market

Even if you know the best day and time to list your product, do you know who you are competing with at that time? Why would a buyer choose your listing over the five others ending at the same time?

HammerTap allows you to research your competition, to make you the better seller. Know how many there are, how they are listing and how much they are making. Then blow past them as your offer your products in more appealing ways and with better listing titles.

Try HammerTap Free For 10 Days

I could detail every HammerTap feature, but you will never know the power of HammerTap until you take it for a test drive. Before you list one more product, you owe it to yourself the impact research can have on your listings.

We'll show you how. As part of your free 10-day trial, you also get free live webinar training, video tutorial training and a 10-session training course "Ten Ways to Power Up Your Auctions." You'll learn a step-by-step process to follow to increase your chance to sell and to squeeze every penny of profit from every auction.

Within 10 days you could be on your way to selling more products and making more money, I guarantee it! You'll learn how to never get burned again by popular eBay myths. We reveal the secrets top eBay PowerSellers use to break away from the pack and make a great living.

Use HammerTap for 10 days. At the end of that time, if you can even picture listing on eBay without HammerTap, let us know and you won't owe a thing. But I'm betting you will experience everything I have shared with you on this page. You'll finally begin to feel totally in control of your business.

Let us show you how by taking a simple step. Just click on the link below to learn more.

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