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Recorded HammerTap Advanced Videos

October 2008: Avoiding the Price War

July 2008: Market Research for Vintage and One-of-a-Kind Items

May 2008: Creating Attractive, Professional eBay Listings Every Time

May 2008: Product Sourcing Made Simple with Worldwide Brands

April 2008: Becoming a Top Seller for Your Product

March 2008: Turning Trends into Profitable Products with Lisa Suttora

February 2008: Building the Perfect Listing Title, Every Time

January 2008: What Do I Sell? Part 1

January 2008: What Do I Sell? Part 2

December 2007: Grow My Profits! Great Big Leaps with Teeny, Tiny Changes

November 2007: Predicting eBay Sales Trends During the Holiday Rush

Previous eBay Community Workshops

Long-Term Profits with Market Research & Product Sourcing

Your Listings Can Beat Up Their Listings with Market Research

3 Hooks for Successful Sales

Staying Ahead of a Continually Changing Market

5-Minute Market Research Recipe to Power Up Your Profits

You Just Need Market Research to Make Money on eBay

The Surprising Truth about Title Word Misspellings and Typos

Trending: Put Last Year's Slam-Dunks to Work for You

The Formula for Deciding What's Hot on eBay

Starting Price - Fish with the Right Hook

Predicting Market Performance with Auction Research

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