You’ve been asking us for more education, and we’re happy to deliver! We’ve partnered with Magniphy, a company specializing in web-based training, to develop a whole series of interactive, web-based courses all about how to develop an online business. For a limited time, we invite you to register for our Niche course at half price—just $99.

What’s the Course About?

During the Niche course, you’ll learn lots of research methods to help you decide what to sell, such as:
  • Strategies for discovering new, emerging products (or where the “buzz” is)
  • eBay research techniques, to quickly discover what’s in the highest demand
  • How to make confident decisions about what to sell
  • How to avoid purchasing inventory that won’t sell, or inventory that won’t make enough profit to be worth your time
  • A cool research strategy that tells you how likely online shoppers are to buy a product when they enter the name in a search engine

With the knowledge you’ll get from this course, you’ll be in the driver’s seat. There will be no more guessing and costly testing. You will know what’s in demand, how much you can afford to buy it for, and how much it sells for before you invest time, money, and effort.

Get Internet Market Research, Not Just eBay Research

There’s that old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” And, we know, we know. HammerTap research is just for eBay, which is a fantastic marketplace. But, this course will help you determine what’s in demand on the Internet as a whole. So, if you’ve got a website on the side (or you’re thinking about getting one), this is a fantastic resource for you.

Here’s how it Works

The average person takes around four weeks to go through the course, but because it’s web-based training, you can go at your own pace. Here’s how it works:
  • 5 Lessons: Each has a specific topic, like “eBay Research” or “Commercial Intent.”
  • Videos: We’ve included short videos every few pages to show you what we’re talking about.
  • Quiz Questions as You Go: These aren’t to make you feel like a school kid, but to determine which piece of education we should serve you up next. No body’s watching—it’s okay to get the wrong answer. It just means we’ll try to explain the concept in another way.
  • Assignments: First, we explain the research concepts and show you how. Then, we give you an assignment that guides you through the process yourself.
  • Final Exam: This is a great way to make sure you understood everything and to get some extra help if you don’t.

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