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What’s Hot on eBay Monthly Report

Each month, Greg Cole, president of HammerTap, joins eBay Radio host Griff in a monthly report, What's Hot on eBay. However, what is really hot for you depends on the resources you have at hand and the products you are interested in selling. During these interviews, Greg helps you discover different angles to finding what's hot in various categories using HammerTap.

What’s Hot Report: How the Starting Price Affects Auction Sales

Listen to Greg explain how your starting price affects your end price. Too large of a starting price, and you turn away buyers to other auctions. Too low of a starting price, and you are selling your items without making a profit. Greg used HammerTap to help you determine the best starting price.

What’s Hot on eBay Weekly Newsflash

Every week, you can tune into eBay radio or this page to find out What's Hot on eBay. Join Jen Cano, eBay Education Specialist at HammerTap as she utilizes the latest and most comprehensive eBay data to find out what's hot for you!

What’s Hot in April

April 25, 2006
What’s Hot: Games in the Video Games Category

Hello eBay Sellers, I’m HammerTap’s Jen Cano with a What’s Hot on eBay newsflash.

According to HammerTap research, the #4 highest-selling category by volume is Games in the Video Games category. Super Mario Kart games are selling very well—82% on average across the board.

With selling rates that high, you really have to fine-tune your margin for improvement. One of the biggest ways to attract attention is with an unbeatable title. Every title that included Mario Kart as both one and two words sold. Every auction title with the word buySafe sold. Auction titles that misspelled Kart (with a “c” instead of “k”) were highly successful. And more than 95% of auctions with the words Double Dash in the title sold.

If you’re interested in which title words can set your listings apart from the pack, visit

April 18, 2006
What’s Hot: Non-Fiction Books in the Books Category

Hello eBay Sellers, I’m HammerTap’s Jen Cano with a What’s Hot on eBay newsflash.

According to our premier research tool, HammerTap, the #3 highest-selling category by volume is Non-Fiction Books in the Books category. But, this doesn’t mean that every book sells equally well. I used the software to find a product that sells well, and then went a step beyond to find out how to do better than the average seller.

It’s spring and I went straight for gardening books. Among top sellers are books about square-foot gardening. The research shows that buyers of these books are more attracted to regular auctions without buy it now. 90% of these auctions sold. You can keep your chances of selling high by ending the auction on a Monday or Tuesday. And 3-day auctions outperform other durations for this item.

If you want to know what’s going to stay hot long enough for you to make money, visit That’s

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