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Each month, Greg Cole, president of HammerTap, joins eBay Radio host Griff in a monthly report, What's Hot on eBay. However, what is really hot for you depends on the resources you have at hand and the products you are interested in selling. During these interviews, Greg helps you discover different angles to finding what's hot in various categories using HammerTap.

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What’s Hot in June

June 26, 2006
What’s Hot: Chevron Collectible Cars

Hello eBay Sellers, I’m HammerTap’s Jen Cano with a What’s Hot on eBay newsflash.

Recently a friend asked me about Chevron Collectible cars—What are the chances that they’ll sell and how could she increase her profits if she decided to sell them?

I used HammerTap eBay research software to answer these questions. First, I found that these cars sell about 99% of the time. So, other than giving her this information, there wasn’t anything more I could do to help her increase her chances of selling. However, I saw that two sellers of the same car, during the same time-period, sold for dramatically different prices. One sold for $50 and the other for $100. The one that sold for twice as much was the only auction that was also listed with a Buy It Now price. I also found that the shipping price was fixed and prominent on the description.

If you want to know how to find out what sells and increase your profits, visit HammerTap.com to find out.

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