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What’s Hot on eBay Weekly Newsflash

Every week, you can tune into eBay radio or this page to find out What's Hot on eBay. Join Jen Cano, eBay Education Specialist at HammerTap as she utilizes the latest and most comprehensive eBay data to find out what's hot for you!

What’s Hot in November

November 28, 2005
What’s Hot: Christmas Music

Hello eBay Sellers, I’m HammerTap’s Jen Cano with a What’s Hot on eBay newsflash.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but what’s making eBay shoppers the jolliest? Christmas CDs are pretty hot, but only if you know what buyers want. I’ve used HammerTap auction research software to discover one of the top-selling Christmas CDs, and here’s what I found.

The Trans-Siberian orchestra leads the pack, selling 85% of the time with an average sales price of about $13. To maximize your profit potential for this item, list it as a fixed price auction and make an average of $4 more per auction. Or, to increase your chances of selling to 88%, list it as a regular auction without Buy It Now.

Use HammerTap to find out which auction type will work best for your product!

November 21, 2005
What’s Hot: Knighthawk’s Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Hello eBay Sellers, I’m HammerTap’s Jen Cano with a What’s Hot on eBay newsflash.

eBay has given carbon monoxide detectors in Home & Garden a super hot rating. When I did the research, using HammerTap, I found that these detectors sell about 65% of the time. To help you find out how to boost those sales, I did some digging.

Nighthawk out-performed all other brands, with a sales rate of about 86% and a price of $20. But, with the right knowledge, you can do better than that. The research shows that many sellers did not include a gallery picture, and those who did made an average of $4 more per auction than those who didn’t. Also, those who used the word “Alarm” in their titles boosted that sales rate to about 92%!

Use HammerTap to discover the best eBay features and the best title words for your product!

November 14, 2005
What’s Hot: Cabela’s Waders in Sporting Goods

Hello eBay Sellers, I’m HammerTap’s Jen Cano with a What’s Hot on eBay newsflash.

eBay has given fishing footwear in Sporting Goods a super hot rating. But, not all fishing footwear is equal—at least not on eBay. I put our auction research software, HammerTap, to work to find out just which brand is best.

Cabela’s waders are the clear winner, selling 90% of the time, on average. But, we can do even better than that. The sales rate goes through the roof for auctions ending on a Friday. Friday also happens to be the best ending day for profits for this product. On average, that day came out $20 ahead of the other days.

Use HammerTap to find the best closing day for your product.

November 7, 2005
What’s Hot: Vintage Cuckoo Clocks

Hello eBay Sellers, I’m HammerTap’s Jen Cano with a What’s Hot on eBay newsflash.

Vintage Cuckoo Clocks in the Collectibles category are really hot, selling on average about 83% of the time for an average sales price of $52.17. And, as usual, these numbers just get better when you list it right.

Here’s the scoop. For your best chances of selling, end the auction on Thursday. Cuckoo Clocks listed that day sold 97% of the time. That’s 39 of 40 auctions. But, if you want the highest profit, list your clock as a Regular auction with BIN. Auctions listed this way made $10 more than the average.

Use HammerTap to find out how to make more money on your auctions!

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