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Each month, Greg Cole, president of HammerTap, joins eBay Radio host Griff in a monthly report, What's Hot on eBay. However, what is really hot for you depends on the resources you have at hand and the products you are interested in selling. During these interviews, Greg helps you discover different angles to finding what's hot in various categories using HammerTap.

What’s Hot Report: Liquidation of a Not-so-Hot Inventory

Listen to Greg explain the costs of doing business on eBay and how to use HammerTap to reduce unnecessary costs.

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Every week, you can tune into eBay radio or this page to find out What's Hot on eBay. Join Jen Cano, eBay Education Specialist at HammerTap as she utilizes the latest and most comprehensive eBay data to find out what's hot for you!

What’s Hot in November

November 14, 2006
What’s Hot: Kid-Tough Camera from Fisher Price

Hello eBay Sellers, I’m HammerTap’s Jen Cano with a What’s Hot on eBay newsflash.

Everybody wants a hot tip on what to sell in the upcoming holiday season, right? Toys, of course, are all the rage. I'm following a few of the hot-sellers myself, and I wanted to let you in on some of the secrets I've learned using HammerTap research software.

One of the most popular-selling toys for the upcoming months is going to be the Kid-Tough Camera from Fisher Price. This hot little item is selling about 65% of the time with an average selling price of $67—that's a tidy $12 above retail! But, we can do even better than that. To make more money, list it as a regular auction with BIN, end your auction on Wednesday, and list it for five days.

Learn how to beat the average for your own products. Visit HammerTap.com and try HammerTap free for 10 days!

November 7, 2006
What’s Hot: Bracelet Charms

Hello eBay Sellers, I’m HammerTap’s Jen Cano with a What’s Hot on eBay newsflash.

Let's take a look into the fantastic, glittery world of Jewelry today. I used HammerTap research software to investigate hot trends in Italian Modular charms. Overall, this category has a 24% sell-through rate, which isn't so hot, unless you can pinpoint specific items or selling methods that outperform others.

Let me show you what I mean. Titles with the word charms sold 56% of the time, while titles with the word "charm" (no s) sold 76% of the time. Then, 55% of Jimmy Buffett charms sold in general, but when the seller also included a misspelling of the name "Buffet" with one t on the end, sell-through rates jumped to 80%.

Sometimes it's not what you sell as much as it is how you sell it.

Visit HammerTap.com to find out how to sell your product. That's HammerTap.com!

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