HammerTap's Power to Profit Tutorial

Welcome to HammerTap's Power to Profit Tutorial by Steve Nye.

During the ten lessons below, I´ll teach you how to use HammerTap research to figure out how to take your auctions to a whole new level using your competitors' successes and failures. These lessons will help you get the most out of HammerTap, and show you how easy you can get the Power to Profit with eBay marketplace research. So what are you waiting for? Go to Lesson 1 and Power Up Your Auctions Today!

Lesson 1: It's HammerTime!

Lesson 2: Feel the Power! - Searching with HammerTap

Lesson 3: Hitting the Bull's Eye Every Time

Lesson 4: 5-Minute Research Recipe - Utilizing the Findings Window

Lesson 5: Making Executive Decisions With the Facts

Lesson 6: Fishing Part 1 - Choosing the Right Lake and Hook

Lesson 7: Fishing Part 2 - How Many Fish Are in the Sea?

Lesson 8: Hogging the Spotlight - Creating Compelling Titles

Lesson 9: Trending for Success - Utilizing Last Year's Auctions

Lesson 10: Building Your Research Schedule and Library


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